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14ct Yellow Gold Prong Set Diamond End THREADLESS

Industrial Strength

Size Guide

A new and exciting beauty from Industrial Strength!

"Created diamonds by Swarovski, are a revolutionary stone. They are 100% diamonds but from a laboratory rather than our precious earth.

Created Diamonds are identical to mined diamonds possessing the same chemical composition, hardness, brilliance and fire - just as a greenhouse grown orchid is identical to one found in nature."

This diamond gem does not require any foil backing for lustre or glue for the setting.  Treat yourself to the best body jewellery - highly acclaimed and world leading Industrial Strength.  This jewellery carries a lifetime guarantee.  

This stunning diamond will push into an Industrial Strength Flat Back Threadless Labret Post (not included).  Posts will arrive pre-bent for easy fitting.  Please note: this diamond end is sold as an individual item. 

Both 14ct Gold & ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium are safe for use in body piercing and for long-term wear.  They are lightweight, polished and made to a high finish.  

  • Material: 14ct Gold & Swarovski created Diamond Post: Implant/Medical Grade Titanium ASTM F-136
  • Suitable For Post Gauge: 18, 16 &14g (1, 1.2 or 1.6mm)
  • Gem Info: 
    1 x Swarovski Created Diamond Gem 2mm 
  • Setting: Prong set
  • Thread Type: Pin 0.5mm (no thread).  Will arrive pre-bent for easy fitting. 
  • Suitable Piercing: Conch, helix, scapha, lobe, tragus.

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This item will arrive in our branded silver gift box.

Industrial Strength jewellery can be pre-ordered in many different styles and gems.  Contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Gold Colour
Yellow Gold
Diamond Size

Size Chart

Gauge (G) / Post Thickness

Length / Internal Diameter

1mm = 18G 3.1mm = 1/8"
1.2mm = 16G 3.9mm = 5/32"
1.6mm = 14G 4.7mm =3/16"
2.0mm = 12G 5.5mm = 7/32"
2.4mm = 10G 6.4mm = 1/4"
3.2mm = 8G 7.1mm = 9/32"
4mm = 6G 7.9mm = 5/16"
5mm = 4G 8.7mm = 11/32"
6mm = 2G 9.5mm = 3/8"
8mm = 0G 11.1mm = 7/16"
10mm = 00G 12.7mm = 1/2"
12mm = 1/2" 14.2mm = 9/16"
14mm = 9/16" 15.8mm = 5/8"
16mm = 5/8" 17.4mm = 11/16"
18mm = 11/16" 19mm = 3/4"
20mm = 13/16" 20.6mm = 13/16"
22mm = 7/8" 22.2mm= 7/8"
See how and where to apply these measurements on our handy pictorial guide.