LeRoi Haute Couture Bijoux Seam Ring

Le Roi

Size Guide

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Stunning couture bijoux cluster seam ring featuring three faceted, bezel-set Swarovski Gems™.  An intricate design adorned with nine triple clusters along the lower edge of the ring making this a superb choice for a daith or septum piercing.  This twist ring is simple to fit: gently bend the two sides in opposite directions (one toward you and the other away from you), insert and realign. 

Treat yourself to the best body jewellery - LeRoi is highly acclaimed and trusted by professional body piercers worldwide.  Buy with confidence - this jewellery carries a lifetime guarantee and all metals and gemstones carry full certification.

This grade of titanium is safe for use in body piercing and for long-term wear.  It is lightweight, polished and made to a high finish. 

  • Material: Implant/Medical Grade Titanium F-136 ASTM  
  • Post Gauge: 1.2mm (16g)
  • Internal Diameter: 7.9mm - 9.5mm (5/16" - 3/8")
  • Gem Colour: White Cubic Zircons
  • Post Colour: Anodised blue or highly polished
  • Suitable Piercing: Daith.

    This item will arrive in our branded silver gift box.

    All LeRoi jewellery is shipped from the USA; unique and individual items can be designed to your preference.  Don't miss out - pre-order this item now to avoid disappointment.  Contact us for more details.

    Internal Diameter

    Size Chart

    Gauge (G) / Post Thickness

    Length / Internal Diameter

    1mm = 18G 3.1mm = 1/8"
    1.2mm = 16G 3.9mm = 5/32"
    1.6mm = 14G 4.7mm =3/16"
    2.0mm = 12G 5.5mm = 7/32"
    2.4mm = 10G 6.4mm = 1/4"
    3.2mm = 8G 7.1mm = 9/32"
    4mm = 6G 7.9mm = 5/16"
    5mm = 4G 8.7mm = 11/32"
    6mm = 2G 9.5mm = 3/8"
    8mm = 0G 11.1mm = 7/16"
    10mm = 00G 12.7mm = 1/2"
    12mm = 1/2" 14.2mm = 9/16"
    14mm = 9/16" 15.8mm = 5/8"
    16mm = 5/8" 17.4mm = 11/16"
    18mm = 11/16" 19mm = 3/4"
    20mm = 13/16" 20.6mm = 13/16"
    22mm = 7/8" 22.2mm= 7/8"
    See how and where to apply these measurements on our handy pictorial guide.