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Anatometal Titanium Labret with Fixed Disc

High quality and mirror-finished flat back micro labret with an internal thread. Suitable for all beautiful end attachments in our Anatometal collection.

Professional grade body jewellery.  Treat yourself to the best - highly acclaimed and world-leading Anatometal.  Designed & manufactured in the USA and endorsed by the Association of Professional Piercers.  This jewellery carries a lifetime guarantee.  

ASTM F-136 implant grade of titanium is safe for use in body piercing and for long-term wear.  It is lightweight, polished and made to a high finish.  

  • Material: ASTM F-136 certified implant grade titanium. 
  • Post Length: 4.7mm - 8.7mm (3/16 -11/32")
  • Post Gauge:  18g/1mm, 16g/1.2mm or 14g/1.6mm
  • Post Colour: Polished (anodise this jewellery!)
  • Internal Post Thread Gauge: 0.9mm (16g) or 1.2mm (14g)
  • Thread Info: a self-locking feature built into the threads to minimize jewellery loss
  • Base Diameter: 3 or 4mm
  • Suitable Piercing: Conch, helix, lobe, tragus, scapha, nostril, philtrum.

Anatometal jewellery can be pre-ordered in many different styles and gems.  Contact us if you have a specific requirement.

**Sold individually. For a pair, please order two items**

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