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Add your own choice in colour to any or our Industrial Strength, Le Roi or Neometal titanium or niobium products!  Anodising is a process by which the oxide layer on the surface of the metal is changed in depth and colour, according to the voltage passed from the anodiser through the jewellery.  This is not an additional layer but a change to the surface of the product.  Therefore, anodised jewellery is safe to wear in both fresh and healed piercings! 

Select your colour below and we will anodise the titanium or niobium jewellery in your order.  Just tell us which product(s) you require anodising in the notes at checkout. Price is for the chosen colour - we can anodise more than one item at a time!

Please note:

  • Anodising is available in the studio on Wednesdays & Saturdays, which may delay order processing. 
  • Please do not expect copper or golden yellow to be an exact match for solid gold.  They do however make a great alternative to polished titanium and will blend in nicely with similar coloured jewellery!
  • To prolong the colour of anodised jewellery avoid contact with peroxide or face washes/acne products containing acid. These will cause discolouration.
Golden yellow
Dark blue
Light blue

Collections: Blue, Green, Under £2.50, Yellow

Size Chart

Gauge (G) / Post Thickness

Length / Internal Diameter

1mm = 18G 3.1mm = 1/8"
1.2mm = 16G 3.9mm = 5/32"
1.6mm = 14G 4.7mm =3/16"
2.0mm = 12G 5.5mm = 7/32"
2.4mm = 10G 6.4mm = 1/4"
3.2mm = 8G 7.1mm = 9/32"
4mm = 6G 7.9mm = 5/16"
5mm = 4G 8.7mm = 11/32"
6mm = 2G 9.5mm = 3/8"
8mm = 0G 11.1mm = 7/16"
10mm = 00G 12.7mm = 1/2"
12mm = 1/2" 14.2mm = 9/16"
14mm = 9/16" 15.8mm = 5/8"
16mm = 5/8" 17.4mm = 11/16"
18mm = 11/16" 19mm = 3/4"
20mm = 13/16" 20.6mm = 13/16"
22mm = 7/8" 22.2mm= 7/8"
See how and where to apply these measurements on our handy pictorial guide.