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Aftercare Guidelines

Initially the area will be red, tender, swollen, bruised and bleed slightly.  Thereafter, it will also weep a small amount of a clear/cream/pink watery fluid which dries to form a crust (on skin piercings). These symptoms will continue to show until your piercing has healed.  To prevent infection and other problems, please follow these guidelines:

What to avoid:

  • Touching the piercing - hands and fingers are covered in bacteria that can cause infection.  Only touch the piercing, when cleaning, after you have washed your hands!
  • Picking! Dislodging any dried matter will only serve to damage the delicate healing tissue underneath.  Gently soak it away when you clean the piercing.
  • Excessive cleaning & harsh cleaning agents - tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, mouthwash, disinfectant or soap will irritate your piercing, cause an allergic reaction or delay the healing.
  • Trauma - tight clothing, jewellery twisting, careless washing/drying, contact sport or sexual activity can tear/damage tissue resulting jewellery migration or even rejection (growing out) and ultimately scarring.
  • Foreign body fluids – protect your piercing with a waterproof dressing.  In the case of oral piercings, avoid kissing!
  • Shared/contaminated water – seawater, swimming pool, hot tub, jacuzzi.  If you must submerge the piercing, wear a sealed waterproof dressing (if appropriate).
  • Spray tans, lotions, potions and perfumes – these can cause an allergic reaction/infection.

You must:

  • Stay healthy – eat a nutritious diet, exercise, sleep well and take vitamin C and zinc to build immunity. Stress will hinder the healing process.
  • Regularly wash your bedding and towels and disinfect phones, headphones and glasses (facial & ear piercings).
  • For oral piercings, suck on chipped ice and elevate your head at night with an extra pillow.  This will alleviate swelling.  Gargle bottled water after drinking, eating or smoking.  (Mouthwash is no longer deemed necessary and may cause problems).  Remember to return to the Isha Studio for a jewellery downsize after two weeks. This cost is included in the initial piercing fee.

For skin piercings, clean the piercing twice daily with NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare.  This will cleanse, increase blood flow and promote healing.  Continue this and keep the original jewellery in until the healing phase is over.  Early changing can risk closure of the piercing!

NeilCleanse Sterile Piercing Aftercare:
Before use, spray a short stream in the air or on intact skin to clear nozzle. To dispense, aim nozzle at the affected area and spray from a distance of 2-4 inches.  Alternatively, spray directly onto a cotton bud and use this to loosen the dry matter.  There is no need to turn the jewellery.  Replace the clear cap after each use. 

For more information on this spray, click here.