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Jewellery Materials

The choice you make in jewellery is important.  You need to be certain it is safe to wear and long-lasting.  We stock a range of products from costume-jewellery Steel to implant grade hypoallergenic Titanium, Niobium, Stainless Steel and Gold.  Our implant grade jewellery is sourced from some of best sought-after Brands in the Body Piercing Industry - Anatometal, Auris, Industrial Strength, LeRoi, Junipurr and Neometal.  These Brands meet the minimum jewellery standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).  On this basis, they are all suitable for sterile body piercing at the Isha Studio.

14 & 18ct Gold is beautifully hand-crafted, hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for use professionally as an implant jewellery for fresh piercings.  Most of our gold jewellery weighs less than 1g, therefore there is no UK legal requirement to have it officially hallmarked.  However, 18K or 750 is lasered onto each item in our Tish Lyon collection.  

Implant Grade Titanium 6AL4V ELI F-136 or 6AL 7NB F-1295 from Anatometal, Industrial Strength or Neometal is safe enough to be used in body piercing. It is bio compatible (non-toxic) and suitable for those with a nickel allergy. It is three times stronger than steel and its incredible light weight makes it ideal for piercings susceptible to migration or rejection. Highly polished titanium is a shade darker than surgical steel but can be anodised into different colours whilst retaining its safe properties. See Metal Colour Chart.

Gemstones are thought to have the power to heal and stabilise moods; each one has different properties. Some gems are also birthstones and make a great present if you need some extra inspiration. Our gemstone plugs are solid and soothingly cool and suitable for stretched lobes. They are waterproof, non-absorbent and do not leach any harmful chemicals. 

Surgical Stainless Steel 316L was the original body piercing jewellery used in the 1990's and though it is no longer permitted for use as an implant material, is favoured by those seeking a silver-like colour match for their healed piercings. Surgical steel can vary in composition, depending on the source but is non-corrosive, hard-wearing and scratch resistant and offers a wide choice in product design. It is safe to be worn in healed piercings only. 

Our standard metal jewellery has been randomly assessed for quality and holds a Certificate of Conformity from the Sheffield Assay Office. This complies with the legislation under the EU Nickel Directive 2004/96/EC.