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Body Piercing Appointments are available to book at the following times: 

Tuesday 18:00-20:00
Wednesday 18:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00.  

There is a whole variety of safe implant grade titanium jewellery available, upon request, for new body piercings.  Click here to view.   
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We stock a wide variety of jewellery to purchase online and a very small selection to view only, at Dorchester Aesthetics Centre.  If we don't already stock it, we can most likely order it, so do ask!  Drop us a message below.

Dorchester Aesthetics Centre,
2 Allington Hall,
Durngate St,
DT1 1JP      

Mobile: 07899 512621

Size Chart

Gauge (G) / Post Thickness

Length / Internal Diameter
1mm = 18G 6mm = 1/4"
1.2mm = 16G 8mm = 5/16"
1.6mm = 14G 10mm = 3/8"
2.0mm = 12G 11mm = 7/16"
2.4mm = 10G 12mm = 1/2"
3.2mm = 8G 14mm = 9/16"
4m = 6G 16mm = 5/8"
5mm = 4G 18mm = 11/16"
6mm = 2G 19mm = 3/4"
8mm = 0G 21mm 13/16"
10mm = 00G
See how and where to apply these measurements on our handy pictorial guide.