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Jewellery Care

Our jewellery is sourced from the highly acclaimed Brands - approved by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and boasting a lifetime guarantee against workmanship defects! To enhance this longevity, there are a few things to remember to keep it looking as beautiful and working as perfectly as it was when it arrived:

Posts and attachments will connect one of two ways - via a screw thread or threadless pin.  In general, threadless components will usually fit all Brands. Threaded attachments and posts must be matched to the same Brand to ensure a smooth and reliable fit. Mixing Brands may damage the thread pattern and invalidate the lifetime guarantee.  For further information on this, please see the product listing for the specific recommendation or contact us.

Insertion & Securing
Threadless attachments will arrive with the pin pre-bent. (Pins are only kept straight when wearing with curved or circular posts). This will make fitting at home far easier.  Try gently connecting the pieces together and pulling apart before placing into the piercing, to familiarise yourself on the tension and angle required.  When inserting the attachment into the post, it's advisable to align both together in a straight line, to prevent bending the pin further.  Beware: Pins will break with excessive bending and may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty!

See our demonstration below.


Seam rings require extra care to prevent kinking of the perfect curvature.  We do not recommend widening the two ends of the ring outwards.  This will increase the diameter of the ring and eventually weaken the bottom, risking breakage. Instead, lie the ring down flat and whilst holding both ends, gently twist one toward and one away from you.  This is known as an "S" bend as shown.  

Whilst our jewellery is designed for long term wear, over time the jewellery can loosen.  We recommend regular checks to ensure jewellery fittings are tight; "Righty-tighty" for threaded posts and a gentle pull, on threadless ends.  Lifestyle, sports and sleeping can all serve to loosen attachments.

Gold Tarnish
Gold jewellery can slowly lose its brilliant shine and become a little dull over time.  The effects of contact with air, moisture and skin can change its appearance.  This tarnishing is not caused by the gold but the other metals used in the alloy.  These are essential in creating a strong and durable mix.  Pure gold (24ct) does not tarnish but on its own, is too soft for the use in body piercings.   A higher carat contains a larger percentage of gold thus reducing the likelihood of tarnishing. 18ct gold will tarnish slower than 14ct.

Although daily wear can increase tarnishing, gold will benefit from gentle polishing with a suitable cloth to return its original shine. 

Cosmetics & Chemicals
The use of cosmetics on jewellery may cause slight discolouration from build-up upon the gemstones.  Oil based products such as creams and fake tan can get under the gem setting and affect the lustre or even colour of the stone. 

Chemicals, bleach and other hair and beauty products will affect the shine and could permanently damage the jewellery.  If the jewellery cannot be removed, we recommend the use of shower cap ear covers when dying hair or using other harsh products.

Sleeping on a piercing should always be avoided.  This will cause complications in healing and intricate gold styles or chains can get caught on bedding.  Ear jewellery and the pin attachment can be forced to bend or break from the weight of the head when sleeping.  This likelihood is increased with pieces worn close together.  Some jewellery such as gold is soft and can get easily scratched. 

It's normal for gemstones to become a little dull over time with the natural build-up of dead skin cells, sweat and oils from the skin.  This can be removed by gently cleaning with a soft baby toothbrush and PurSan a safe and recommended gentle Piercing Cleanser   Occasionally more stubborn build up may require the use of an ultrasonic cleaner.  Use these with caution as some natural and/or precious gemstones must be treated with care.  Contact us for more information.