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Emma Rance, Piercer & Owner of Isha Body Jewellery, proudly holds membership in the globally recognised Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and the United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP). As the first and only APP & UKAPP Member in Dorset, Emma exemplifies the highest standards of safe working practices in the field of body piercing and implant-grade jewellery.

Emma is also a Pro Team Member of Junipurr Jewelry and Stiletto Piercing Supplies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-booking Checks

There are some medical conditions/medications that can be affected by a piercing or subsequent healing. Some may also hinder or cause the healing to be problematic.  These include Diabetes, Epilepsy, Haemophilia, Heart Conditions, blood thinning medication, Pregnancy or Breastfeeding.  Please contact us in advance to check, to save any disappointment on the day.  In most cases, we can provide a letter for your Doctor to complete to bring to the appointment.

Yes but not always! The titanium jewellery we use is paramagnetic and providing it doesn't obscure the image, and the Radiographer is content it's safe to leave in, can be kept in-situ during MRIs or X-Rays. If you are likely to have one or both of these procedures, we strongly recommend you check with the hospital first! For a small fee, we are happy to provide documentation and certificates to demonstrate your jewellery is paramagnetic and safe to wear. Please contact us.

If an unexpected procedure is required, we can assist with removal/insertion. Please book in for a Jewellery Removal/Jewellery Change.

There is another workaround - Borosilicate Glass retainers. These are a fab short term fix - they are inert, hypoallergenic and safe to wear in healing and healed piercings. Browse the collection here.

Once again, we strongly recommend you consult the Imaging Department/Surgeon to check if any jewellery is allowed during a procedure!

Sometimes, it s a question of priortising your health over beauty! Time the piercing appointment so the piercing is healed before any procedure. It can be much easier when you are confident with jewellery changes at home.

The minimum age for all piercings is 18 years.  However, we will pierce minors for the following piercings with the consent and attendence of a Parent or legal Guardian:

Ear Lobes - 8 years+ (with a Parent/legal Guardian)

Cartilage (Ear & Nostril), Facial Piercings & Navel - 16 years+ (with a Parent/legal Guardian)

Tongue, Nipple, Dermal, Surface, Intimate Area - 18 years+

Yes! We ask that all clients (and the legal Parent/Guardian if the client is under 18) bring Government issued photo ID to verify age and identity.  This can be a Passport, Drivers Licence or CitizenCard. We are not able to perform a piercing without this identification.

In the case of piercings on a minor, the parent/legal guardian MUST also bring Photo ID to accompany the Birth Certificate of their Child (where the child is the client).  Legal paperwork in the form of a Court Order will be required if the minor is in foster care.

PLEASE NOTE: Photocopies, emails or electronic versions of photo ID will NOT be accepted.

We will ask to see your Government issued photo ID and you will need to complete a consent form and answer questions on your medical health.  We are legally required to keep this as a record of the procedure.  You will also receive a copy.

No. As a member of the Association of Professional Piercers, we are only permitted to use brand new, high quality, verified and sterile jewellery. Our jewellery composition and polish is scrutinised at both manufacture and before use for safe wearing in new piercings. Even if your jewellery is made by one of the Brands we stock, we simply cannot install used jewellery in a brand new piercing. We want to be certain your piercing has the best start to ensure trouble-free healing.

Browse some of the beautiful jewellery available to purchase here.  These lines are lifetime guaranteed, certified as safe and approved by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and made with the highest quality materials.  They all boast a mirror-finish polish which enhances the speed of healing compared to other standard jewellery available.  There is no better industry-assured implant grade gold or titanium jewellery.  View our collections of Anatometal, NeoMetal, Industrial Strength, Auris, LeRoi and Junipurr. 

We will gently assist you in making the right choice in jewellery that is suitable for both your anatomy and style whilst meeting your budget.

We recommend you arrive early and spend a little more time browsing, if you are new to piercing. Alternatively, pop in anytime for a browse!

We carry high stock levels for our most popular pieces such as our basic essentials and round opal cabochons and Swarovski bezels. However, our most prestigious pieces may only be available in single numbers. If you have fallen in love with a particular piece of jewellery online and don't want to miss out, we recommend purchasing in advance. This can be done in-store or through the website. If purchasing remotely, please select "pick up in store" at checkout. Leave us a note about your appointment at checkout and we will keep it safe for you, until the day.

Bookings are typically by appointment only to prevent disappointment and to guarantee a time.  A pre-payment is required to secure your time slot.  We recommend booking well in advance if you are only available on Saturdays - these are our most popular days and fill up quickly!  Our booking system allows clients to book one month in advance.


Your body must heal itself before it can heal a piercing.  We recommend waiting at least three months after childbirth if you are bottle feeding your baby or three months after you have stopped breastfeeding. 

We strongly recommend waiting until after all augmentation and healing is over and seeking the advice from your surgeon before booking a piercing.

Plan your piercing appointment – wait until after the holiday! We do not recommend submerging the healing piercing in shared pools or seawater as this can risk infection or cause other problems.

On the day

Please ensure you have eaten a good meal within the four hours before the appointment. This will ensure good sugar levels and a smooth recovery if you are particularly nervous.

Avoid caffeine 1-2 hours before your appointment.  Caffeine stresses the body and can heighten sensitivity. 

Get a good night’s sleep to ensure you are well rested. Fatigue, stress and hangovers can make you more sensitive on the day!

Optimum health is important- if you are poorly or under the weather, your body will struggle to heal a piercing.

Personal hygiene is important – please ensure you are showered particularly if the piercing is below the neck.

Wear loose clothing to avoid trauma to your new piercing.

Bear in mind that the skin preparation used prior to piercing will remove nearby facial makeup. We advise avoiding the use of foundation or face powder on the day.  This must also be avoided close to the piercing throughout healing.

If you usually shave in the piercing area, do so before you arrive. It may prove a little difficult to shave once the piercing is in.

The sensation of being pierced is subjective - it depends on the client's state of mind, fatigue, health, and their level of comfort/ease with the process.  All piercings are felt - but it's never as bad as most people anticipate!

Body piercing is a quick process and Emma will strive to ensure her clients are put at ease.  This is an important part of the experience and can make the whole journey far more pleasant.  

Unless the client is aged under 18, chaperones are not  permitted. This is to assist with social distancing and to provide 100% client focus throughout the appointment. 

Please do not bring young children into the studio – it is not a safe environment and the Piercer will prefer to remain 100% focused on the client. Children do not always create a relaxing environment.  If the client is aged 8-17, only one consenting parent/legal guardian is permitted.

About Isha

Emma is an experienced Body Piercer who started her career in 1998. For more information on her background click here

The Isha Body Jewellery Instagram and Facebook pages are adorned with recent images of Emma's portfolio and all training certificates are displayed for viewing in the shop and Studio.  Additional images of her work can be viewed in the gallery. 

Emma ensures regular training in emergency first aid, mental health first aid, bloodborne pathogens and piercing procedures. Emma exemplifies the highest standards of safe working practices in the field of body piercing and implant-grade jewellery through her membership in the globally recognised Association of Professional Piercers (APP)and UK Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP) and regularly attends conference to keep abreast of new changes in industry practice and legislation.  To date, Emma is the first and only APP & UKAPP Member in Dorset!

The Studio is located within Isha Body Jewellery shop at 13 Antelope Walk, Dorchester, Dorset. DT1 1BE.  Google can help with directions in this mapat the bottom of the page.  

The piercing procedure is performed using aseptic techniques.  All piercing implements used are single-use and disposed of after use. This is for your reassurance and to prevent any possible chance of cross-contamination.

No!  These methods are outdated, unhygienic and use blunt-force trauma to pierce tissue.  Our practises follow those of the UKAPP and the Piercees Bill of Rights below:


To be pierced in a hygienic environment by a clean, conscientious, sober Piercer wearing a fresh pair of disposable medical examination gloves.

To be pierced with a brand new, completely sterilised single-use needle that is immediately disposed of in a medical sharps container after use on one piercing.

To be touched only with freshly sterilised and appropriate implements, properly used and disposed of or re-sterilised (where appropriate) in an autoclave prior to use on anyone else.

To know that piercing guns are NEVER appropriate and are often dangerous when used on anything — including earlobes.

To the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their Piercer knows and practices the very highest standards of sterilisation and hygiene.

To have a knowledgeable Piercer evaluate and discuss appropriate piercings and jewellery for her/his individual anatomy and lifestyle.

To be fully informed of all risks and possible complications involved in his/her piercing choice before making any decisions.

To seek and receive a second opinion either from another Piercer within the studio or from another studio.

To have initial piercings fitted with jewellery of appropriate size, material, design, and construction to best promote healing. Gold-plated, gold-filled or sterling silver jewellery is never appropriate for any new or unhealed piercing.

To see pictures, be given a tour of the piercing studio, and to have all questions fully and politely answered before making or following through on any decision.

To be fully informed about proper aftercare, both verbally and in writing, and to have continuing access to the Piercer for assistance throughout the healing process.

To be treated with respect, sensitivity and knowledge regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, ability, health status or piercing choice.

To change her/his mind, halt the procedure and leave at any point if the situation seems uncomfortable or improper.

Sadly not.  The shop is fully accessible but the studio is up a single flight of stairs.  As directed by the Council Piercing Licence and UKAPP Membership, piercings and jewellery upgrades are only permitted upstairs in the Studio.  

There is a private waiting area for your discretion adjacent to the Piercing Studio upstairs.


If you are no longer able to attend, you are able to reschedule your booking from the link found within your booking confirmation email.  If you cancel within 48 hours of the booking, arrive more than 10 minutes late, or do not show up for your appointment, there is a Cancellation Fee - the service prepayment made at the time of booking.  Cancellations are costly to us as we are not able to fill the gap left by last minute changes.

We understand that occasionally there may be exceptional circumstances and you may not be able to attend your appointment. Where this is the case, we ask that you call us on 01305 266434 as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.  Texts or emails are not a suitable form of communication in this instance, as we cannot guarantee to have read them.

On the rare occasion the Piercer is off sick or cannot work, we may have to reschedule your appointment.  Where this is the case, you will be notified via the booking app and/or over the phone.  You will also be offered a full refund if the rescheduled booking(s) is/are not suitable.

Our full Cancellation Policy is shown at booking and we ask clicnts agree to this before confirming their appointment. This Cancellation Policy can be found below:


*Arriving more than 10 minutes late, no-show or cancelling within 48 hours of the appointment.
*Being under the influence of alcohol, or drugs or displaying abusive behaviour.
*Being under the minimum required age for the specific piercing and/or if under 18, not bringing a legal parent/guardian.
*Forgetting to bring Government-issued photo identification. This is required for BOTH parent/legal guardian) AND child (if a client is under 18).
*Attending without a Doctor’s note to permit safe piercing/healing for conditions including diabetes, epilepsy, haemophilia, or heart conditions.
*Bringing unsupervised young children to the appointment unless they are booked in.

After the Booking

This is extremely important to follow to ensure a happy healing piercing and prevent irritation, allergy or worse, infection.  We only recommend NeilMed Sterile Saline Spray on skin piercings and this is available in-store or online.  Read our advice here.  It is important to follow our guidelines. This aftercare advice has been tried and tested for over 25 years of body piercing and mirror that of the globally recognised Association of Professional Piercers

We will give you aftercare advice verbally and in writing at the time of your appointment. A discounted Piercing Aftercare Pack is available to purchase at the time of the appointment. If you have any queries on this at all, please contact us.