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Anatometal Stainless Steel Fixed Bead Ring

Classic style ring with a fixed captive bead for easier fitting and removal.  Annealed for easier manipulation.

Implant Grade Stainless Steel F-136 is safe for use in body piercing and for long-term wear.  Anatometal jewellery is manufactured to a high-quality, mirror-like finish - highly acclaimed and world-leading.  This jewellery carries a lifetime guarantee.

  • Material: Implant Stainless Steel F-136
  • Internal Diameter: 8mm / 5/16" - 11mm / 7/16"
  • Bead: 3.1mm or 1/8" 
  • Gauge: 1.2mm/16g - 1.6mm/14g
  • Ring Colour: Polished
  • Opening Type: Seam / fixed bead 
  • How to Fit: Hold the ring using both sets of thumb and forefingers.  Gently twist the ring into a slight "S" bend,  so it is open 5mm or so, just enough to insert and re-position.  Excessive bending will weaken the ring and affect the warranty.
  • Suitable Piercing: Helix, rook, conch, tragus, lobe, daith, lip, navel, nipple, nostril,  VCH, adult.

**Sold individually. For a pair, please order two items**

Other sizes can be custom ordered.  Please contact us.

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