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Gorilla Glass Curved Retainer

Hide your piercing with a clear glass curved retainer.  Ideally suited to eyebrow, rook or daith piercings.  The clear silicone rubber o-ring maintains a secure fit when the retainer is worn.

Borosilicate glass is hypoallergenic and safe to wear in body piercings.   It is also safe to be sterilised and worn in healing piercings.  We particularly love this item for its suitability for wear during MRI procedures.  Removing jewellery for this procedure can risk the loss of a piercing.

Please note, that this item is fragile and will break if forced or dropped.   Cartilage piercings in particular will shrink once jewellery is removed therefore It is recommended to use this item in a healed piercing channel that is (at least) the same gauge of the post.

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Gauge: 1.2mm/16g or 1.6mm/14g
Total Length: 14mm
Wearable Length: 8mm / 5/16" or 9.5mm / 3/8"
Disc Diameter: 2.5mm or 5mm
Suitable Piercing: Eyebrow, rook, snug, transverse lobe or daith.

**Sold individually. For a pair, please order two items**