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Anatometal Black Niobium Ball THREADLESS

Classic style ball - a versatile choice for many piercings, particularly those above the neck. A suitable fit for any of our Basic Essential threadless posts and will fit all of our Brands.  Browse the full collection of curved, circular or straight barbell shafts here.

Treat yourself to the best body jewellery - highly acclaimed and world-leading Anatometal. This mirror-finish fine jewellery carries a lifetime guarantee.

The push-fit design is one of the easiest to fit and wear securely in a piercing. The threadless post is slightly bent to create a tight fit inside the post. To remove or insert, just tug gently on the round gem end and it will come apart from the post.

Implant grade niobium is almost black and created through heat treatment.  It is a change to the surface and NOT a coating.  This makes it safe for long-term wear in new and healed body piercings.  

Material: Implant/Medical Grade Niobium 
Post Type: Threadless/push-fit (pin will be sent pre-bent)
To Fit Post Gauge: 1mm/18g, 1.2mm/16g or 1.6mm/14g
Ball Diameter: 3.2mm (1/8")
Suitable Piercing: Rook, eyebrow, snug, vertical labret, septum, nostril, helix, conch, tragus, auricle, lobe.

**Sold individually. For a pair, please order two items**

Colour: Black
Size: 3.2mm